About the Author

I never really imagined having a life that was so integrated into the world of academia, until I happened to look up and observe the wonders of this intellectual arena that I had almost haphazardly stumbled upon. I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, where after graduating South Anchorage High School with no real vision, nor ambition, I traveled to Moscow, Idaho, to try and find some sense of a calling to a higher purpose. I attended the University of Idaho, where I studied biology, music theory and performance, computer science, chemical engineering, mathematics, and finally chemistry. While at Idaho I received the amazing opportunity to work with Dr. Vivek Utgikar for two years, studying radioactive isotopes and physical adsorption via inorganic species such as oxide materials, metal organic frameworks, and Titanosilicates. It was in this microcosm of the laboratory where I fell in love with materials science, chemistry, and engineering. The story is much longer and more complex than one can merit for the contents of this page, but after graduating with my Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry, I headed east, and took up an opportunity to earn my PhD with the Kansas City branch of the University of Missouri. While here at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, I've had the opportunity to continue my research in chemistry, studying materials synthesis and light/matter interactions at the gigahertz region of the electromagnetic spectrum. I've also been able to foster a new love for teaching through both the Department of Chemistry as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, and through the School of Medicine where I'm a Chemistry Instructor for their outreach programs.

Through these opportunities to study and teach, I've been mindful to notice the various devices that have emerge in my life; those striving to find truth, and those desiring to work with others to both show and find the way forward. This blog I hope will be an extension of both.

If this vision sounds like something worth engaging with, I welcome your stay. I'll be around periodically to write, read, speak, and listen. I hope this can be the start of something beneficial to both your life, as well as mine.

With that, I once again wish you welcome, and hope to see you around here soon.