ACS Midwest Regional Meeting

Today I was granted the privilege of giving an extended feature presentation at the American Chemical Society Midwest Regional Meeting. It was truly a remarkable experience, my first of the kind, and to have been given the honor to enter the fold of current scientific discussion and debate, and more so, be given a platform to share my own contributions to the advancement of chemistry, was again an experience I found nothing short of remarkable.

Participating in events such as these really is important in the function of disseminating knowledge among a community. It also provides the vital function of allowing ones self to meet and discuss with other like-minded individuals, grow connections, and be comfortable engaging in difficult dialogue. If you're a chemist, I definitely recommend taking the opportunity to attend one of these events. Having such a breadth of talent agglomerated within one environment, and to facilitate such engagement between brilliant people, can truly be one of the ways we become inspired to assume the mantle and wrestle with the tough, nuanced questions that are constantly being faced at the forefront of the scientific domain. And being a part of that conversation is truly enlightening.