Hello World!

If you missed the reference, the "Hello World!" program is commonly used in computer science curriculum as one of, if not the, first programs that aspiring coders of all ages learn to create. It's simple, to the point, and yet can be engaging and exciting through its simplicity. It's that first step that many students take as they learn to develop software, starting from a foundation of simple inputs and outputs to grow to more complex programming functions such as Kruskal's Algorithm, Iterative Improvements (one of the basis of computational chemistry), et al.

The programmer who will solve the famous P = NP problem (or P not equal to NP? that's the whole point I guess) will have probably started his or her path of computational work via the classic "Hello World!" model. But I digress.

Such is why, even though the perspective I'll present herein will ultimately revolve around chemistry, my story begins here in the halls of computer science. Start simple, establish wonderment, and grow.

For this blog, my goals here are threefold: first, I hope we can establish a presence to which communication can be fostered between both myself and any perspective audience. Championing engagement is one of the best ways to find clarity and understanding in a world saturated with false data points. I won't guarantee that I'll always have the answer to your questions (as a matter of fact I can almost promise the antithesis, as you rise in the levels of academia you will find that the domain of the unknown grows exponentially), but through communication between active participants, I find that clarity usually presents itself.

Secondly, in regards to active participants, I hope that though this medium it can be possible to establish a grounded network of individuals who have a passion for finding truth. As such, I promise not to be exclusive to chemistry contacts in such regards; I hope that we can find representation here from all walks of science, humanity, and thought, and through pluralistic discussion and debate, find new solutions to the complex problems we face in this ever-evolving world.

Finally, I hope to offer what experience I have in regards to progressing through the ranks of academia. It can sometimes feel like a daunting task, where completion of one accomplishment yields the necessary commencement of the next. As a student, researcher, and secondary/post-secondary teacher, I see firsthand every day how having a still and calming voice through the deafening chaos of academia can sometimes be one's saving grace. Sometimes it is as simple as reading and relating to the struggles of others; having someone there who can say "ya, me too."

So, if my vision sounds like something worth engaging in, feel free to stick around. I'll be around periodically to write, read, speak, and listen. I hope this can be the start of something beneficial to the world.

With that, let's call it a day, and I look forward to engaging with you soon.

Hello World!